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Mud and Thunder



With the stroke of his brush, the artist has created a beautiful, exciting, oil painting so vivid one can almost expect the horses to leap off the canvas. Vibrant colored jockey silks and magnificent brown, black, chestnut and grey thoroughbreds charge forward as they round the turn. The excitement of the sport is intensified by the unpredictable Summer weather. As the rain falls, powerful hooves dig into the sloppy track and mud is thrown in every direction.  Place this exciting scene in a prominent location and let it inspire your determination through any storm. There is an old saying at Saratoga. "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. It will change." Sun, rain, wind, and even hail are possibilities at historic Saratoga Race Course. But through it all, one thing is for certain. A rainy day at Saratoga, is far better than a good day...just about anywhere else!!!