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Imagine the greatest race horses of all time coming together at Saratoga!!! The artist places all attention on the famous thoroughbreds in the foreground using their own rich colors along with the jockey's  original silks in contrasting hues. The fans cheering in the background pale in comparison to the magnificent competitors assembled for the race. Man O' War, Secretariat, Citation, Dr. Fagar, Count Fleet, Kelso, Native Dancer, Forego. On a sunny summer day at Saratoga, with an overflowing crowd cheering, eight famous horses break from the gate. Down through time, these thoroughbreds raced into history and into our hearts. Sadly, only our imaginations can now envision their beauty and grace. And so, if such a gathering of legends were possible, and to gaze upon these horses one more time, the outcome of the event would merely be secondary. To catch a glimpse of perfection, their splendor and glory, that would be the ultimate... Imagine!