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As Time Goes By



This beautiful dream-like painting expresses the charm of a by gone era. Hues of sepia, black and grey have been used to emphasize a special time in history. Dapper men gathered along the rail eagerly await the horses as they descend from the starry havens above to compete in a ghost like fantasy race. The classic Saratoga Clubhouse skyline, as a beckon, guide the horses to their place in thoroughbred history. The artist conveys his sentiments and inspiration in this charming quote which appears at the bottom of each print.  "Coming to Saratoga is to wander back in time. To perhaps be standing where presidents, gamblers, and legendary horses once long ago strolled. Time has long since erased there footprints, but not our recollections. And maybe one starry night, a sentimental gaze may catch a glimpse of the past, as it races across the heavens. And a little smile may appear at sensing an old familiar friend...Saratoga." Enjoy this limited edition high quality print which is signed and numbered with gratitude by the artist.